1993 Ford Festiva Specs Review and Price

Welcome to the 1993 Ford Festiva specs review and price information where we prove to you that newer is not always mean better. The 1993 Ford Festiva is actually the first time the Festiva brand undergo a major redesign so it has all the newest technologies and developments at that time. The Festiva line of vehicle is a subcompact car that was available from 196 until it stopped to be manufactured and produced in 2002. The Festiva line has undergoes major redesign twice on its history, the first time is the 1993 version and the last one is the 1996 version.

1993 Ford Festiva specs review and price information

1993 ford festiva car review

Exterior and Interior

The 1993 Ford Festiva is actually a product made by cooperation between Ford and KIA so you will notice something that are not usually exist on Ford vehicles. This newly designed Festiva is wider and loner, but the exterior is designed to have better aerodynamics for better performance. The Festiva of 1993 still use the same drivetrain, however due to the different frame used it is now a lot rounder than what it used to be. For modern eye, the 1993 Ford Festiva value is certainly does not lie on its exterior design alone, if there is one thing guaranteed is that the body of this car is super durable; it is strong and firm, it is not easily damaged but relatively easy to clean.

1993 ford festiva interior

As for the inside you would not expect to find the modern gadgets for the interior do you? But, different to its exterior styling; that is changed dramatically, the interior looks about the same as its predecessor despite major changes to the dimension. One thing for sure, this subcompact five door vehicle is super comfortable, it has big space and not to mention a respectable amount of cargo space as well.


You should not expect that the 1993 Festiva can go toe to toe with the current cars, but it is using the 63 horsepower 1.3L 4 cylinder engine as the standard; it also has 1.5L 4 cylinder engine with horsepower as selectable. Although it is not powerful, the major attractive point of this engine is the fuel efficiency. This engine is rated for 30 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.


Is it worth it to get this old car? It certainly is, if there could be only one thing that can be said about this car then it is going to be that the car is super reliable. The 1993 Ford Festiva wont broke down easily and is very cheap to maintenance. Unfortunately, it is going to be difficult looking for 1993 Ford Festiva for sale and if you do find one then the price is probably still close to its initial price of $8,164. And with that we end this 1993 Ford Festiva specs review and price information, hope you find it useful.

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