2015 BMW M4 Review, the Cutting-Edge M Series

BMW M4 was first released on February 2014, and now that 2015 BMW M4 review can be found anywhere, we think it’s proper that we give some information regarding this car. This car is a part of BMW M Series cars which was first made for their racing program but now turns into their sub-series that have cutting-edge technology. M4 series by itself are essentially cars from the 4 Series but tuned for high-performance.

2015 BMW M4 Review and People’s Preferences

2015 BMW M4 price review

The first time BMW M4 debuted was at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show along with its brother, the BMW M3. Since then, many people are wondering about the specification it has and it’s completely natural since we are talking about the M series. Thankfully, the wait is over because 2015 BMW M4 review finally spills the bean about this car that has the title of “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Most people prefer this car with the 6-speed manual transmission because they say it would be a waste not to have control on such a strong car. The transmission used to handle S55 engine has specifications of 425 horsepower which will peak at 7300.

2015 BMW M4 Exterior Design Fitting for the “Ultimate”

If we describe 2015 BMW M4 exterior design in one word, it would be stylish. The front grille of this ultimate driving machine is a twin U-shaped grille and it is now in line with the double headlamp. The concept for the headlamp design is diamond, and using advanced laser headlight. When turned on, this lamp will give a sense of futuristic look especially combined with the silver color choice. The sign lamp on this car is separated from the headlamp and is located right beside it, between the headlamp and the wheel base. Simply put, 2015 BMW M4 review about exterior design is almost flawless.

2015 BMW M4 Interior Design, a Peek on the Ultimate Machine

Knowing BMW, it’s expected to have luxurious interior, and that’s exactly the first impression you will have when you see the 2015 BMW M4 interior design. This car is a 4-seating car and all the seats are giving premium aura which may be coming from the leather used for the cover. All of the seats are adjustable and equipped with the airbags system. Moving to the driver seat, it’s equipped with an LCD screen that one can use for navigation or multimedia system. The multimedia system itself can accept file from MP3 Player, Bluetooth, or even Wi-Fi Connection.

With Great Power, Comes Great 2015 BMW M4 Price

2015 BMW M4 engine power

There are two styles you can choose when talking about 2015 BMW M4 price, and those are the 2015 BMW M4 Coupe and 2015 BMW M4 Convertible. The base price for Coupe is around $65,000 while the Convertible will cost $73,500. That price comes with the 6-speed manual transmission, and if you would like to have the 7-speed Double Clutch instead, you have to pay $3,000. Those prices are completely normal, considering the specs of 2015 BMW M4 review.

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