We are going to give you some details about 2015 Honda Civic Si Type R release date and price. Not only that, each specifications and designs are also going to be reviewed here and how it can brings comfort for the passengers. Good news is that new Honda Civic will finally get direct injection engine to support the car to run very smoothly. Furthermore, Honda is also applied drive train to complete the powertrain option and thus make it better than before.

Although, Honda Company does not reveal each specifications in more detail, however Tetsuo Iwamura, a Honda professional suggest that a vehicle need to be re-engineered at least every two years. Judging by this advice from Honda professional itself, of course 2015 Honda Civic Si Type R release date will be announced with re-engineered news and that’s what we expected.

2015 Honda Civic Si Type R in USA Release Date and Price

2015 Honda Civic Si Type R Price prediction

Official announcement still yet to be released, so we can only predict 2015 Honda Civic Si Type R in USA price will be. However, Honda told public that there will be release Honda Civic Type R especially for European industry and furthermore many said that the company is going to give around 37,000 Dollars for the starting price thanks to the Honda UK division plan. Unfortunately, there is no news about whether the maker will be decrease its price tag later. But, let’s us hope that this car will soon hit USA dealers with more affordable prices and we are going to update its information as soon as possible when the official price tag is released.

2015 Honda Civic Si Type R Engine improvements

New Honda Civic Si Type R for 2015 will be released with new limited glide technology as well as rear wheel system. Apparently, during Honda official conference in Japan, this Japanese automaker decided to offer Type R with Excellence All-Wheel drive system which going to improve Type R specification. They said that this system will enhance its rate when the car is run during cornering while the wheels on the back will changes inward just a little and thus support the car to avoid weaving around. In addition, Honda still reluctant to open engine information in more detail, however they said that the power will excess 278 hp and Honda gives a hint that the engine at least can deliver 280 horsepower. Of course many also expected that new Civic Si Type R possible can run up to 300 hp.

2015 Honda Civic Si Type R Release Date and Price

2015 Honda Civic Si Type R in USA red color Release Date

Quite funny that there is some rumor which going around and mentioned that 2015 Honda Civic Si Type R in USA release date is going to be cancelled. Not sure what is the reason if this rumor is true, but in fact until now there are no further news regarding this gossip. So, if you want to know dependable information of course you need to ask the maker itself. But, hopefully, Honda will announce 2015 Honda Civic Si Type R in USA release date and price as soon as possible.

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