2016 Corvette ZR1 Mid-engine Platform, Specs, Price, Release Date

There are lots of news as well as rumors regarding new 2016 Corvette ZR1 mid-engine platform, specs, price, release date, and its specifications. The biggest rumor about Corvette ZR1 is the question about whether mid-engine platform will be equipped in this super car. Many people said so and according to Mark Reuss, the GMs head of global product development, this car delight all the Corvette lovers, needless to say that it also will be revolutionary. The automaker itself has a great reputation and it looks like they want to fulfill buyer’s satisfaction with the new engine platform which expected to give more power.

Hot Topic: 2016 Corvette ZR1 Mid-engine Platform, Specs, Price, Release Date

2016 Corvette ZR1 mid-engine platform specs price release date

The hottest topic in automotive industry when it comes to 2016 Corvette ZR1 engine is about the new platform. It is not a secret anymore that the automaker will likely transition the engine into mid-engine which might be seen in several other segments of the model. This replacement will also make some improvement of the car especially the braking as well as the acceleration. Talking about the engine, there is still no official news since Chevrolet keeps its detailed information and not yet revealed to the public. However, the latest info mentioned about 3.6 L V-6 engine that going to produce high power up to 640 hp. Even though, others may expected this car gets V8 engine, but we cannot say anything more when the automaker has another plan.

Talk about the transmission then the most reasonable one will be dual-clutch automatic that’s going to transfer lot of power to the rear wheels and in the end improve the braking and acceleration. Anyway, if you asked about when this car is going to be released then there are lots of version. Some said that this car will be officially debuted in 2016 while others said it will be 2017. That’s why it is going to be hard to predict when the exact time of ZR1 to be on sale. However, there is one thing that we can say for sure and that is the super car will not be presented before early 2016. As for the price, judging by its specifications and of course the brand, then rumor said it will be offered around 150,000 dollars.

2016 Corvette ZR1 Exterior and Interior Designs

2016 Corvette ZR1 exterior design blue color

There are nothing to say regarding 2016 Corvette ZR1 exterior design as well as what interior will be like before the ZR1 make its debut. Well, we can say that this car going to have newer big tires, sporty look, and rumor said it will not take radical changes which means that the automaker still keeps some old traditions. As for the 2016 Corvette ZR1 interior design, the noticeable change is mainly about the cabin. Overall appearance will show luxury and high quality materials and according to the rumor, seat arrangement will be positioned lower than the predecessor. Highlighted features are SD slot, Boss audio system, hands free communication, data recorder, and so on.

2016 Corvette ZR1 interior design

If you want to know more news about 2016 Corvette ZR1 mid-engine platform, specs, price, release date then you should always stay tune!

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