2016 Mercedes E Class Performance and Review

Mercedes Benz is always associated with class and luxury, they also highly praised for their performance and things are just going to be the same with the new 2016 Mercedes E Class performance. This new four door car from Mercedes Benz offers versatility along with high class and luxury, as the consumer is able to choose the body type that they want.

2016 Mercedes E Class Performance, Specs, and Designs

2016 Mercedes E Class Performance and Review

There will be convertible, coupe; sedan and wagon versions of this new E Class, each will be priced differently. The standard 2016 Mercedes E Class release price is $52,560, it’s already available now and it is directly competing with BMW 5 as the perfect luxury vehicle for 2015.

Exterior and Interior Styling

The exterior design of the new Mercedes Benz E Class is not going to be significantly different between its four different body types; they are all sharing the same design concept. The exterior design is very classy and sleek, with clearer details; this new high class car from Mercedes Benz looks more elegant than its predecessor. For the standard model, there is a big trapezoidal grille in front of the car, but different types of grille are also available if you choose to get a particular trim level.

The 2016 Mercedes E Class interior design and cabin is just as good as the exterior, everything is placed and arranged perfectly. The interior designs feels modern yet still attain its traditional roots, quite conservative but still innovative. The interior will be using high quality woods, plastics and other top class materials, so everything looks new and shiny. The cabin is very nice and comfortable, there is a lot of space available although there are a lot of features available inside.

2016 Mercedes E Class interior

Trim Levels and Features

All in all, there are going to be 19 different trim levels available for this car, each will has their own different types of features and some will have different engines to the standard model. There are going to be 2 trim levels available for the convertible body type, 3 different trim levels for the coupe body type, 3 different trim levels for the wagon body type and 11 different trim levels for the standard sedan body type.

2016 Mercedes E Class spyshot wallpaper

Due to the variety of trim levels and body types available, this new E Class has a great combination of available features, you can choose which trim level with your select body type and features that you want. The basic features includes several entertainment features like audio player, connectivity features like Mbrace2, and many other features; telescoping steering wheel, climate control, etc. with more advanced; and more expensive, trim levels, you will be able to get higher quality material cabin with more available features at default.


2016 Mercedes E Class v6 engine

2016 Mercedes E Class engine for the standard version is going to be 2.1L four cylinder twin turbo engine with 195 horsepower and 269 pound feet of torque. The rear wheel drive and seven speed automatic transmission system with overdrive mechanic are also default for standard model while different trim levels gets different types of engine. 2016 Mercedes E Class performance as far as the fuel efficiency rating go is superb; 28 mpg city and 42 mpg highway.

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