Let’s Take a Peek of 2017 Corvette ZR1 for sale

Be excited, a new Corvette ZR1 for sale is going to be real soon. Have you heard the rumor about Chevrolet going to release another Corvette Zora ZR1? A new super performance oriented car from the Corvette line that has been left alone since its last appearance in 2013. Many people are in love with this trim level of the Corvette and for a good reason as well.

The new 2017 Corvette ZR1 for sale

New corvette ZR1 black for sale

The 2017 version of the new Corvette ZR1 will be very strong, a lot stronger than the current 2013 version that has more than 600 horsepower. The new ZR1 will have a new heavily modified V8 engine and it will have up to 740 horsepower along with 700 pound feet of torque. If that statement is true, then the 2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 will be one of the most powerful commercial cars ever created; the new Hellcat has “only” 707 horsepower.

With that new modified engine, the ZR1 is going to be able to reach either 200 mph or 240 mph as its maximum speed; we expecting more than 1 version of the new ZR1. That also means 1 more thing, the new Corvette ZR1 is also going to have more acceleration compared to the predecessor. The new one is estimated to be able to reach 60 mph from zero speed in just 3.5 seconds only.

Now, here is the problem; the Corvette ZR1 price. The last available ZR1 was priced for more than $100,000, so we should expect more for this new one. Experts predict that the new Zora ZR1 is going to be available at the $150,000 price range; far more expensive than the Hellcat that is available less than $70,000. So if you are interested on the new Corvette ZR1 for sale, you will need to save a lot of money from now on.

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