2017 Ford Atlas Price, Review & Release Date

This is an article with 2017 Ford Atlas review & release date information, so if you are a fan of the Ford Atlas brand then you need to read through this. In case there are people who do not know, the Ford Atlas brand is one of the most well known pick-up truck brand in the world. It is built and manufactured alongside the F150 thus there will be some similarities between those two vehicles.

2017 Ford Atlas price, review & release date information

white color Ford atlas hd wallpaper review release date and price

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior and Interior

The vehicle is not up yet, but they did show up the concept for this new pick-up truck and we strongly believe that the released product will not be too different from the concept. The new Ford Atlas will have a rectangular shaped grille, this grille is pretty eye-catching but it is also very strong. This truck will also has double deck front lights and maintain most of the design from the past versions.

white color 2017 Ford Atlas exterior concept 2017 ford atlas interior

In the other hand, the 2017 Ford Atlas interior design will be quite different to its predecessor, sporting new, and fresh black gray shades; this car does look very different. It comes with a lot of modern features such as the touchscreen display screen in the front and the back; it also has new safety features installed. The regular and standard features of any cars are also present here like air conditioning, cruise controls, audio system from New Noise, and also a couple of monitor based features.

2017 Ford Atlas Engine

2017 Ford Atlas engine illustration

As a pick-up truck vehicle, you bet that this car can carry a lot of stuff easily and it is all thanks to the engine. The 2017 Ford Atlas engine is going to be pretty good one, the engine is a 360 horsepower 5.0L V8 engine, this engine also has 380 pound feet of torque. The overall performance of this vehicle is yet to be revealed, but from the sources we have, we know that this pick-up truck is able to reach 60 mph in 8.1 seconds. Do not expect to have a good fuel consumption rate as well, but the exact number is also yet to be revealed.

2017 Ford Atlas Price and Release date

It is strongly implied that the vehicle is going to be available at the late 2016, but the official exact date is yet to be known. Meanwhile, the price will not be too different to its predecessor in terms of price and that is the end for this 2017 Ford Atlas review & release date information.

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