2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, Price, SVT with Multiple Powertrains

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, price, SVT has been managed by Ford to wow people with the accomplished work of the styling and powertrains. It is no doubt that Ford can conquer the market by having an excellent lineup. There is not only the new Ford Mustang GT that should be anticipated, but this Bronco SVT Raptor will be one of the new cars that can meet your need, especially if you like going off road. For you who are Ford enthusiasts, the newest Ford Bronco SUV may be the best gift for you who are already waiting for so long.

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, price, SVT

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor exterior concept

The Styling

This car is designed to be lighter as the mass is tried to be minimized; that becomes the reason why Ford uses light material this time when it comes to body making. The beauty of this car can also be seen from how the grille shutters are included by Ford. When looking from the outside, you will find its shape that comes boxy along with its aggressive visual is very attractive. The SUV should not be expected to be large because it is designed in a medium size.

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor interiror concept

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, SVT, price interior is made to have a trendier appearance but without new and modern things. The square-shaped frame for the headlights may also be another thing that catches your attention when looking at the exterior of this car, added with the rounded lights. The headlights’ placement is also just right making the appearance more awesome to see. Do not forget about its three-grid grille, a couple of cloud lights, an exhaust pipe, as well as rectangular-shaped side mirrors that are large enough and built strongly. The function of the start and stop system has not been explained even though it is mentioned to be existing in the car.

The Engine and Performance

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor engine power concept

2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, SVT, price specs is a SUV that will come in a great performance because it is known to be equipped with a twin turbo V6 5.0-liter engine that can make the torque of 420 pound-feet along with 365 horses. There are two powertrains that are available; turbocharged V6 engine is the first one in which the torque of 375 pound-feet and 325 horses can be generated, while the second one will be more powerful than the first option that Ford will add to the Bronco series’ high models. Optional engine is also offered which is known to be 3.5-liter V6 engine that can produce the torque of 420 pound-feet and 365 horses.

The Price and Release Date

No official statement has been released yet about the price and release date, but it seems like this car will be debuted in the beginning of 2017, but it will be better if we can see the car earlier, like at the end of 2016 as this car is designed as a 2017 model. Known to be an off-road crossover that will be strong enough, it seems like the price might be starting at $30k, but it is always better to wait until Ford itself to explain the specs along with the official 2017 Ford Bronco Raptor, price, SVT.

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