2017 Ford Focus RS Specs Review and Price

If you are looking for a new car, then looking for this 2017 Ford Focus RS specs review and price information is the best idea, as you can find all the important information regarding this new Ford Focus. The new 2015 Ford Focus RS is not like the standard Ford Focus and you will see why along the way, you don’t even need to look for the Ford Focus RS release date as its already available.

2017 Ford Focus RS specs review and price information

2017 Ford Focus RS Exterior and Interior

2017 Ford Focus RS Exterior blue color

In case you do not know, in 2015 the Ford Focus line got a major overhaul for its exterior looks and the 2017 will also use that new design as the base. This vehicle sports a very cohesive and smooth styling, which makes it a good at grabbing the people’s attention. Many thinks that the design of this 2017 is a little bit over the top so it might not suit everyone’s preferences, but if you like a lot of curves on your vehicle then you will love the 2017 Ford Focus RS.

2017 Ford Focus RS interior with steer dashboard

On the other hand, the interior of the car looks fine from the outside, but once you go inside you’ll probably get disappointed. While the exterior is designed to be over the top, they unfortunately think that the same thing should be applied for the interior. This means the interior is filled with features and gadgets. Making the available space a second thought; the dashboard are designed to be so big, it eats a lot of space, meanwhile the back seat suffers the most as the available space is so minimal.

2017 ford focus rs rear side exterior review and price

2017 Ford Focus RS Engine

While the exterior and interior might feel a little bit unsatisfying, little could be said against the engine used on the 2017 Ford Focus RS. This car is using the 2.3L 4 cylinder turbo engine; this amazing engine is capable of generating around 350 horsepower for the car along with 350 pound feet of torque. The fuel consumption rate takes a hit though; it is only rated for 19 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

ilustration for Ford focus rs 2017 engine picture

The performance of the car is further enhanced by the 6 speed transmission system and the all wheel drive as the standard. Overall, the ride experience with the car is very satisfying regardless of the tight space, its smooth although a bit loud and noisy.

2017 Ford Focus RS Price

The new Ford Focus RS price is going to be $36,120 and as said earlier, it is already available. The only trim available for the RS is the hatchback with 5 available seats for adult. The price point feels a little bit steep according to many people as there are many other car with the same price range that can offer more specialized features especially the interior and cargo space.

light blue Ford focus RS HD wallpaper picture

Overall though, this new car has superb styling that is way ahead of its rival, it looks like a much more luxurious and expensive cars. And with that, from this 2017 Ford Focus RS specs review and price, we can conclude that the new Ford Focus RS is a good buy but not if you need a lot of space for your ride.

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