2017 Ford Mustang GT Price, Specs, for the Super Road Car

2017 Ford Mustang GT price, specs and other information about this new release will be discussed here. As we already know that Mustang GT is such a phenomenon and on the Mustang’s 50th anniversary, Ford has a brilliant idea to make a great celebration. With the entire Mustang car being redesigned, the special edition is ready to amaze people who are especially fans of this big and popular car manufacturer. To know what kind of changes happen to this car, you can try to see the details of specs in the following for your information.

2017 Ford Mustang GT Price, Specs Review

exterior of 2017 Ford Mustang GT white

The Styling

Aerodynamic form seems to be the thing that they are focused on when designing the car. When it comes to GT, it is all about clean look with aerodynamics. A lot of improvements are worked to make the new GT has a great exterior appearance. The rear wing that is easier to move, the channels back with its radical body side, its cockpit that has a shape like teardrop, as well as its shark nose are included in the great designs that you can find in the new model. Even the pitch and height can easily be adjusted by the movable rear wing.

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby blue color pic wallpaper

The mass is also tried to be minimized here if you want to know about the 2017 Ford Mustang GT price, specs premium. As explained by Kip Ewing as the GT’s chief engineer, the mass will be about 2800 pounds because he said that it would be “extraordinary” target weight. The use of carbon fiber becomes the strength of this car as well, especially for the bodywork and its central tub, while aluminum construction is presented for the most of suspension along with rear and front substructures. The adjustment also happens to both pedals and steering wheel for the more comfortable driver.

2017 Ford Mustang GT interior concept

The Engine and Performance

2017 Ford Mustang GT engine performance

2017 Ford Mustang GT price, specs supercar might be the one that is looked forward to by many people. However, when speaking of the powertrain, the new car is equipped with twin turbo V-6 3.5-liter engine. The spokesman of Ford ever stated that they have a program to develop the engine with Daytona Prototype engine. With that engine, the horsepower that can be produced will be around 650 hp and the engine will be getting paired with Getrag transmission dual-clutch in seven speeds. That estimation is if the car is considered for the road car.

The Price and Release Date

2017 Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby 1967 red color


2017 Ford Mustang GT grey color car

The price estimation is out and it will be starting around $400k, as said by the Ford Performance director. Everyone may not be patient for any longer to know about how great the car is, but you should wait until next year, 2016, just to see the GT. This road car production may make you feel more excited to wait for the next celebration of Ford’s anniversary. For you who are looking for a new car with the body side designed uniquely, suspension setup with active pushrod, and racing style, you need to take this car into consideration. The weight, safety and design may capture everyone’s heart and hope it is helpful after knowing about the 2017 Ford Mustang GT price, specs.

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