2017 Ford Ranger F-100 Specs Review and Price

Welcome to this 2017 Ford Ranger F-100 specs review and price information where you can find the latest news and rumors regarding this rumored new entry for the already extinct Ford ranger brand. The Ford Ranger is a brand of mid size pickup truck that was available a few years ago, until Ford decided that they will not continue with this brand in 2011, there is a strong rumor that new Ford Ranger F-100 is going to make a big comeback soon. What is more interesting is that the mid size truck is said to be available as soon as next year.

2017 Ford Ranger F-100 specs review and price information

2017 Ford Ranger F-100 exterior specs review

Exterior and Interior

So, what do we know about this new entry to the long extinct brand? Apparently, not very much, but we do know that there are strong interest for the new Ford Ranger 2017 and if it’s really not a hoax then it is going to be a mixed of several modern Ford truck design. The F-150 is huge and it’s super expensive so it’s very unlikely that the rumored F-100 will be using the same design. It seems the car will use something smaller, probably something that goes in line with the Toyota HiLux. There will also be some variety of body color available such as Jet Black or meteor Grey.

Ford Ranger F-100 interior

As for the interior, you can’t actually expect that it is going to stay the same as the older one; the new interior of the F-100 will change considerable in order to allow new and modern technologies. It is said that the new F-100 will have rear camera for some select trim levels, but if you go with the regular trim then the rear camera is not available initially. The interior is also going to be equipped with the new Ford infotainment system plus the 8.0 inch touchscreen monitor that can be integrated with IOS or Android.


engine power Ford ranger f 100 copy

Currently we do not know much about what kind of engine that it will be using. But because we do heard that there are going to be at least 4 different trim levels then we could assume that the differences on that four levels will not be limited to features alone so we can expect that Ford is going to use more than one types of engine for this new F-100. The best bet are going to be the 2.2L four cylinder turbo engine and the 3.2L five cylinder turbo engine. Of course, both of the engines will be customized so that they are eligible with the emissions standards.

Release date and price

Ford ranger f 100 hd wallpaper

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the Ford ranger 2017 price, but we can be sure that it is going to be way below the asking price of the F-150. As for the release date, the information is all over the place, and Ford refused to answer the questions asked regarding this very question. And that is the end of this 2017 Ford Ranger F-100 specs review and price information.

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