2017 Lincoln MKX Price, Features, and Review

Here are the 2017 Lincoln MKX price, features you may really want to know. From the slight glance, it can be seen that this crossover has improved the design and looks as luxurious as we want it to be. More detailed descriptions will be explained here, this might be your long lost ideal model!

The 2017 Lincoln MKX Sporty Exterior Design

2017 Lincoln MKX car exterior concept with brown color

Years ago, exactly in 2014 has been a year where the MKX model first debuted. This 2017 Lincoln MKX exterior design is not that different from the predecessors. With its permanent sporty look, you can pull of a coolest ride on highway. Yes it may still look boxy but this type is leaner and sleeker now. You will be presented with split wing grille as well as headlamps that resemble blade shape when viewing from the front side. All in all, this type has more proportional shape compared to the previous one.

2017 Lincoln MKX Nice Interior 

2017 Lincoln MKX interior concept from 2016 Lincoln MKX

Needless to say that its interior design is still typical MKX style, the technology adapted was upgraded nicely. Get your comfort maximized from best quality leather as main material. Cabin is as well covered by leather other than metal or wood. Make your long trip more memorable with Revel audio system which can be mentioned as ace card from the whole interior things. Wait, do not leave out the adjustable seats which guarantee your maximum comfort in more than twenty different settings. As for the safety, this model provides its user with perpendicular parking, automatic parallel, pre collision assist, cross traffic alert, and 360 degree camera system. Shortly, this car is suitable for various ranges of decent age and even every gender.

2017 Lincoln MKX passangger area concept from 2016 Lincoln MKX

Important Features of 2017 Lincoln MKX 

Just like the deeds make quality of a man, 2017 Lincoln MKX elegant features describe well how its price was achieved. Be prepared to check its brand new designed rear apron, slopping roof, and even wrap around taillights. Do not forget the rectangular exhaust tips which are highlights from this type.

The Engine of 2017 Lincoln MKX

2016 Lincoln MKX engine maybe will use this again for 2017 model

As for2017 Lincoln MKX engine, it will provide the potential buyers with some options. First of all, a 3.7 litre V6 engine which will give 300 HP as well as 280 pound of torque. Yes, this one is exactly the same from previous model but more stable for this type. Some people may not like this choice since it does not guarantee maximum stability so there is still second alternative. it is 2.7 litre EcoBoost V6 engine. Fast enough for a crossover car and can result in 330 HP plus 370 pound of torque. New customers tend to like second offer meanwhile some of the old customers stick to the first one.

2017 Lincoln MKX Price and Release Date

Mark your calendar and planner, the 2017 Lincoln MKX release date is in second end of 2017 next year, meanwhile the starting price is around $38,900. No wonder that people kept saying expenditure for an MKX car sums up to $40,000 starting next year. Now, how about you? Would you like to exchange those 40,000 bucks with some really great 2017 Lincoln MKX price, features?

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