2017 Mustang GT Specs Review

If you are a fan of Ford Mustang then you need to know this 2017 Mustang GT specs, not only that this trim level of the newest Ford Mustang is one of the strongest of its brand, but it is also offers a lot of improvement over the current version. The ford Mustang GT is the trim level to get for any sport American car out there and the new version is coming while bringing you the newest technologies.

The new 2017 Mustang GT specs trim

2017 Mustang GT specs trim

So let us take a look at the known 2017 Ford Mustang GT specifications currently, it will be the trim level that available with the 5.0L V8 engine with 435 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque as the standard. Other standard features include the 6 speed manual transmission system and the rear wheel drive. This standard Mustang GT will cost you $32,645.

This new Mustang fuel efficiency rate is 15 mpg city and 25 mpg highway; in which, for a sport car with that amount of power, it’s rated very well. In case you think that you might need a Mustang GT with more features available, you can get the GT Premium trim level; which has the same engine and transmission system as the standard version and it will cost you $36,645. The other variant to the 2017 Mustang GT is the Convertible Premium which as the name implies, it is a convertible American sport car, this version uses the same engine and cost $42,145.

Overall, as a car, this new Mustang GT has its own shortcomings especially the tiny back seats, it has little space available; not to mention the limited trunk space. But as a sport car, you only need to check the 2017 Mustang GT specs and its price to see that this car offers you quality value for your money.

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