When it comes to family oriented sedan, you should see first the feature, quality of 2017 Nissan Altima 0-60, Performance, and mpg. The car itself already get full redesign just four years ago, so it seems they would only do minor redesign for this year model, so we could not hope too much for this model year in regard to the performance and mpg of the engines.

2017 Nissan Altima 0-60, Performance, and mpg

2017 Nissan Altima 0-60 speed acceleration review

There are 5 trims available to offers which are the base trim as well as other trims SL, SV, SR, and S trim. Those trims will be further classified based on their engines. There are two kinds of engine that the Altima get which are the 2.5 liter with 4cylinder engine and the 3.5 liter with V6 engine.

For the first engine which is CVT 4cylinder engine with 2.5 liter capacity that will 182Hp as well as 180 pound ft for the torque. For the fuel economy, it will get 27 city, 31 combine, and 39 highway. The acceleration for this basic engine is quite sufficient but you might need to push the pedal more if you want to get to the highway speed as fast as possible which the action might also result in some engine noise inside the cabin. For the 2017 Nissan Altima 0-60 acceleration time it score 8.1 seconds which is an average score for this class which is expected since the design does not improved from previous model.

For the second engine which is V6 with 3.5 liter capacity that could create 270hp as well as 251 pound ft for the torque. For the fuel economy, it will get 22 city, 26 combine, and 32 highway. The V6 engine actually offers better acceleration so you can get better and fun driving experience.

However you can only choose the second engine option for the SL and SR trims only. The good thing is that the SR trim is tuned for sport suspension which will give minor help, however do not expect that you can get sporty driving with this car since the design does not support that experience in driving.

For the 2017 Nissan Altima 0-60 acceleration time it score 6.2 seconds which is good score for this class but it is only available in optional trim upgrade so you might want to consider in getting the upgrade yourself, but of course you might need to spend more in getting the engine since it is optional.

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