All About 2017 Ford Raptor Price and Changes

We will give you all the known information and news regarding 2017 Ford Raptor price and changes; that is everything from the design to the performance. Ford Raptor line is a famous mini-truck series manufactured by Ford, and for this product there will be a lot of significant changes.

2017 Ford Raptor Price and Changes Information

Ford Raptor Price and Changes news

Exterior and Interior Design

As far as 2017 Ford Raptor exterior design goes, it does look very similar to the 2015 version, although there are some minor changes and differences. One of the most notable differences is that the 2017 version will be a lot lighter due to using aluminum as its main material. It still has a single, big, mean and aggressive grille in the front side; with a large “Ford” in front of it. The lamps are also quite uniquely shaped. There will be 2 different trim levels available, one is called the Ford Raptor SuperCab with 133 inches of wheelbase, and the other one is going to be called Ford Raptor SuperCrew, this trim will have more spacious interior due to 145 inches of wheelbase.

2017 Ford Raptor exterior design

The interior of Ford Raptor is filled with high quality materials and design, large paddle shifters near the classy steering wheel, the seats will be modernized but made with a lot of care, and most of the interiors are made with carbon fiber material. Unfortunately, aside from that, there are not much known about the interior of this car or the available features.

2017 Ford Raptor F-150 interior design

Engine and Power

2017 Ford Raptor engine will be different from its predecessor, instead of V8 engine; they opted to just use a V6 with twin turbochargers and direct injection with 3.5 liter engine. It’s probably not going to be as powerful as the older engine, but this engine will be more economic. The power for this car is 450 horsepower and 450 pound feet of torque.

The suspension systems are also changed from the past version; this 2017 Ford Raptor will have new components and is made for off road travelling. The suspension for the new car is bigger and wider, the suspension spring is 0.5 inches bigger than its predecessor.

2017 Ford Raptor engine illustration

To accommodate that purpose, Ford decided that they will be using new 10 speed type transmission system, with this new transmission system you can easily navigate almost any terrain types with this car; Ford Raptor is using a four wheel drive. The drive-train, engine, suspension system and stability control of this Ford Raptor is geared towards its ability to cross every terrain types easily.


General Motors already said that they won’t made a rival for 2017 Ford Raptor, so the closest one we will get is probably the 2016 Chevrolet Reaper. This car has a V8 engine with 5.3l, the engine gives about 550 horsepower, and it can easily reach 160 km/h.  It is also manufactured to be able to cross a lot of terrains easily with its new suspension and transmission systems. The price for this car is roughly $50.000 to $60.000.


2017 Ford Raptor release date is planned to be autumn 2016 and the price will be ranging from $50,000 to $53,000, this new car will have 5 passenger seats and 4 doors. The new engine used for this version have 160 km/h as its maximum speed, although it is not as powerful as its predecessor, it is more fuel economic, rated with 15 mpg in the city street and 21 mpg while on the highway, only you can decide whether all of its are worth of 2017 Ford Raptor price and changes.

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