Awesome Car Pictures for 2015 All Best Cars

If you look for 2015 best cars, you will also find many awesome car pictures for 2015 and to know better what cars that are included in the best-looking and best-performance ones, we already compile them here.

Awesome Car Pictures for 2015

2015 Toyota Highlander SUV

2015 Toyota Highlander awesome SUV car picture

This car is really reliable because it is powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.7 liters of gas and with this power, 184 pound feet can be produced for the torque along with 185 horses; the engine is also mated to the automatic transmission with six speeds. While for the EPA ratings, the car earns 25 miles per gallon highway and 20 miles per gallon city or 22 miles per gallon combined. Besides the powerful and smooth V6 engine, the ride is also submissive and quiet. Its cabin is able to accommodate eight persons and the high-tech features are also undeniable as well.

2015 Honda Odyssey Minivan

2015 Honda Odyssey Minivan awesome hd car picture

Another nice car pictures and another best car that will bring you lots of happiness is this minivan powered by a V6 engine with 3.5 liters of gas producing 250 pound-feet of torque and 248 horses. Through the automatic transmission with six speeds, the power is delivered to the front wheels. The EPA estimation is also great because it can achieve up to 28 miles per gallon highway and 19 miles per gallon or 22 miles per gallon combined; if you drive in the real world, it is close enough to 21 miles per gallon mixed. With the V6 engine, the fuel is really made more efficient, the handling is agile and the crash test scores are even high so the drivers and passengers won’t need to worry about its safety.

2015 Toyota Prius Green Car

2015 Toyota Prius Green Car HD awesome car picture

2015 Toyota Prius is one of awesome car pictures that will not only good to look at but also great to experience when driving since the four-cyliner engine with 1.8 liters of gas mixed with a pair of electric generators power this car to perform excellently. With this engine and through a specialized CVT or continuously variable transmission, 134 horses can be delivered to the front wheels. The acceleration in 10.2 seconds can be up to 60 MPH in track testing which is almost the same as the XV Crosstrek Hybrid by Subaru with the EPA estimation 48 miles per gallon highway and 51 miles per gallon city or 50 miles per gallon combined.

2015 Chevrolet Impala

2015 Chevrolet Impala awesome car picture

If you are a fan of Chevrolet, Impala powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.5 liters of gas paired with the transmission of six-speed automatic is the new awesome car to choose. The torque produced is 187 pound-feet along with 195 horses; while for the EPA rating, it is 31 MPG highway and 22 MPG city or 25 MPG combined which proves that the car is fuel-efficient enough. Even its crash test scores are amazing; you will even like its serene ride.

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray convertible awesome car picture

The last recommended, amazing car is Corvette Stingray powered by a V8 engine with 6.2 liters of gas with the rear-wheel drive that can make the torque up to 460 pound-feet along with 455 horses. Although the automatic transmission with eight speeds is available, the default manual transmission with seven speeds is also offered. With 29 MPG highway and 17 MPG city, Corvette Stingray is only included in awesome car pictures for 2015, but also excellent performance cars.

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