When it comes to looking for the best SUV, you should really see Honda CRV vs. Subaru Forester first before deciding which one you want to get. They both are one of the best SUV that you can find this year, but of course we need to be more detailed when looking for a ride that could be used by our family. Not only the design, comfortability, handles whether it is on the road or even off road, the cargo space, modern technology it carries and many other. Now let us see the Honda CRV and Subaru Forester comparison head to head.

Interior, seating and comfort Honda CRV vs. Subaru Forester

Comparing 2017 Honda CRV vs. 2017 Subaru Forester as the Best SUV

The seating for Honda CRV is redesigned to be more comfortable with upholstery using cotton material for the standard one. Other option that you can get is the use of leather material, heated seating, and adjustable power seat. The cabin also has huge space for passenger to seat comfortably.

For Subaru Forester seating, they are designed for practical use so it is not that luxurious. They also have the same options as the Honda CRV we have mention before. The cabin space is enough to be use.

As for the technology include on the interior the Honda CRV vs. Subaru Forester both uses a lot of modern technology so it’s up to your own need to choose the feature that you need.

Performance, Pricing and Trim Subaru Forester vs. Honda CRV 2017

For the performance the basic CRV will give you 184 Hp from their 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine while the basic Forester will give you 170 Hp from their 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.

Now when it comes to the pricing Honda CRV is offered with higher base price for $24,045 which considered high for a compact SUV like this. The base price is offered for FWD and CVT transmission only so if you want to get the AWD one you will need to add $1,300 more on the price. There are four kinds of trims available to choose from.

For the Subaru Forester one, the base price that they offer is for $22,595 which already comes in AWD and manual transmission. But if you want to get automatic transmission one, you will need to add $1,000 more on the price and high tech safety driver assistance is offered for $2,945 price. There are 5 different trims available to choose from.

There you have it 2017 Honda CRV vs. 2017 Subaru Forester inside view that you can consider when purchasing for the best SUV in 2017.

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