Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 Seater Price Specifications Design

Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 seater get more attention lately due to its unconventional interior design. Compared to SUV from the same lineup series, it has one seat addition. The base model of Mazda 5 only has six seats, two on every row. Despite this simple addition, it creates huge phenomenon on the automobile market place. In this article, we are going to talk about this phenomenon along with other specification of the car.

Additional seating is not the only thing that makes this SUV phenomenal. The car also comes with grand design continuing the Mazda 5 series. Aside from having additional seat, this car is equipped with excellent specification as well. Some features are included to satisfy the passengers. Here is further specification of this SUV.

Specification of Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 Seater

Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 Seater specifications

When you look at the exterior of Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 seater, you might notice that there are not differences compared to the base model. From the outside, the only improvement is the dimension. This model is slightly bigger than the base mode. The company applies this change in order to accommodate with the additional seat inside the car. That makes the car rather bulkier since it is already a big SUV to begin with.

Talking about the interior, the cabin space of Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 seater deserves praises as well. Adding extra seat to the cabin normally makes the space cramped. However, the designer team of this SUV already anticipated it by improving the dimension. Therefore, the cabin maintains good volume that is spacious enough to make the passengers feel comfortable in it. Most importantly, it is also packed with several features to ensure the passengers’ convenience.

This family SUV is designed to accommodate more passengers. It should not be surprising if the car uses decent engine specification. The engine used is diesel engine with four cylinders. The power output generated by this engine is more than enough to give reliable performance. As it goes with the base model, it comes with automatic transmission system as well.

When purchasing a car, you generally consider the price as well. The basic model comes with decent price. Therefore, you can expect that this model come with slightly higher price due to the additional seat. For the price of  Mazda 5 1.8 TS seven seats, it is marketed somewhere around $30.000. The manufacturer has not yet announced the release date. However, you can expect that Mazda 5 1.8 TS 7 seater will be released soon after the release date of its base model.

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