Mazda SUV CX 7 Review and Gas Mileage for 2017 Version

This is the Mazda SUV CX 7 review & gas mileage information for those of you who are also surprised hearing that Mazda is going to revive the CX 7 brand. The Mazda CX 7 was discontinued a few years back after just one generation. The reason is very simple, and the car is not as popular, certainly not as popular as the MX 5 Miata series. The new 2017 CX 7 will only be the second generation of this product line and this is the 2017 Mazda CX 7 review.

2017 Mazda CX 7 Exterior

2017 Mazda CX 7 Exterior

If you were an owner of the older CX 7 and expect to get a similarly designed car with this new CX 7, just forget that expectation because the new Mazda CX 7 will be drastically different than its predecessor. As this new version of the CX 7 is not a sport crossover, but rather just a midsize SUV, the front of the car is redesigned to allow the newer LED headlights technology, it also has a different grille. Overall, Mazda CX 7 exterior design will looks more modern and a lot more detailed.

2017 Mazda CX 7 Interior

2017 Mazda CX 7 Interior

Now, as far as the interior goes, you should also forget what you know about the old CX 7. This car is now sporting 3 rows of seats; 5 seats plus two extra seats, which will be used for children. As an SUV, you would expect that this car have fairly large space available, it does have that plus fairly good cargo capacity as well. The interior are also available with various new features used for entertainment and information as well.

2017 Mazda CX 7 Engine

2017 Mazda CX 7 engine

There are going to be various trim levels available for this new Mazda CX 7 with different available engines as well. The expected standard version will have a 2.0L 4 cylinder that will be able to generate about 200 horsepower. There is one hybrid engine which specification and information are not known yet. Last has a 2.5L turbocharged V6 engine, this stronger engine is expected to have 250 horsepower. Unfortunately, there is no official report on the gas mileage, but seeing that they are changing the CX 7 to suit the modern taste, it should have pretty good fuel consumption rate; especially since it also have the hybrid version.

As far as the transmission system goes, this car is expected to be available in 6 speed transmission system as the standard, and a 8 speed transmission system version as the other. As of known, both transmission systems are available only with the automatic version. As there are different trim levels, this car is probably going to be available with 2×4 and 4×4 versions, but the information about that feature is going to be available soon.

2017 Mazda CX 7 Release Date and Price

This new redesigned CX 7 will be available in the market in 2017; no detailed release date is available yet. The expected price point for the car is $30,000 to $45,000 depending on the trim level. And that concludes this Mazda SUV CX 7 review and gas mileage information.

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