Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 Changes and Release Date First Spy Shots

This is the first spy shots of the next generation 2017 BMW X3 changes and release date. The new BMW X3 is said to be released on sale in 2017 while it caught on camera for the first time for some testing not too long ago in Northern Europe. The automaker decided to codenamed this 3rd generation “G01” and judging by the spy shots it seems X3 still keeps the same shape, but you are going to see that the design will be evolutionary. Let’s see its specifications from durability testing of the upcoming third-generation while waiting for detailed information when X3 is officially be released.

Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 Changes and Release Date Information

Just like we already mentioned before, BMW X3 will be officially on sale in 2017, but premiere is expected during 2016. After spotted testing in Sweden and wrapped in camouflage, we can only give small review from many rumors that going around while more detailed information will be unveiled next year during first premiere. Now, it is expected that Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 engine lineup are likely to continue forward, there are some news that it will be equipped with M40i version which supported by twin-turbo inline-6 engine delivers 360 horsepower (264 kW). However, rumors said some potential X3 M which produces higher power up to 422 horsepower (310 kW). Moreover, RWD layout will be standard.

Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 Changes and Release Date

2017 BMW X3 plug-in hybrid variant is also possible, even though how it will look like still unclear, but once again rumor said that the automaker will completed this version with 2.0-liter turbo gasoline 4-cylinder engine which boosted the car up to 245 horsepower and 350 Nm still combined with electric motor produces 95 horsepower and 250 Nm. Saying that, this combination will give total output of 340 horsepower and 600 Nm.

2017 BMW X3 Exterior and Interior Designs

Although many said that the competition will be tough, but 2017 BMW X3 exterior design seems getting smaller and lighter compared than the current model and has compared well against the competitors. This BMW’s next mid-sized SUV project follows the same path of F25 yet it gets bold new appearance, more power and efficiency, and higher levels of equipment. On the front, the grille looks a bit wider and lower while on the rear side, you are going to see a dual exhaust setup and flatter window. Overall, X3 has more muscular look thanks to the upright nose, lower roofline, and sporty design. Not need to mention the possibility of adaptive LED headlight also will be available.

Inside, Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 interior design offers more comfortable interior space and a redesigned seating system due to flexible modular system which expected to be developed. Although, it remains with 2 rows of seat arrangement, but rear passengers can adjust the length, height, and backrest angle. The redesigned seats are also said to be lighter and slimmer. Panoramic sunroof looks larger and there is long plus even cargo area. Many said that some of X3 features inspired by X5 which not surprising anymore.

Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 interior design
illustration only for 2017 BMW X3 interior design

Next Generation 2017 BMW X3 changes and release date plus pricing not yet available, therefore you need to stay tunes for more updated information.

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