Nissan GTR Gas Mileage and Specification for 2015 Models

Nissan GTR gas mileage and powertrains seem to be interesting to know about because this car is known to have a high capability so that the performance is considered accessible. Fortunately, the GTR has increasing performance if the previous model is compared to the latest one and no doubt if the car is then ranked as one of the top-performing production vehicles in the world. To know about this car’s gas mileage and overall performance, it is better to have some more knowledge about how Nissan equips and designs its latest car.

Nissan GTR Gas Mileage 2015

2015 Nissan GTR style and fuel performance

Powertrains and Fuel Efficiency

For the new GTR, it is known that Nissan features the V6 3.8-liter turbocharged engine that can produce the torque of 463 pound-feet and 545 horses with an automated manual gearbox in six speeds that is mated to the engine so the power can be delivered to the ground through the system of all wheel drive. Everything about this car seems perfect because there is even a launch-control program that is built-in making the performance run excellently with the good acceleration that only takes 3.2 seconds to sprint from zero to 60 mph; even the GT-R gas mileage should not need to worry about.

2012 nissan gtr engine

Although looking at how it accelerates and performs makes people think that this is simply like other supercars, the thirstiness cannot be compared to them. It is known that the new GTR is rated at 23 mpg highway and 16 mpg city which is still lacking if compared to the Chevy Corvette and Porsche 911 because both have fuel economy ratings to be above 20s when in the city and on the highway. There is nothing to worry about Nissan GTR fuel consumption if the right foot can be kept under control because there is possibility that the efficiency can be got more with the V6 turbo rather than the V12 or V8.

When it comes to the real-world driving, the tabs may usually be kept on the mileage and it is seen that 17 mpg is the rating when the mpg in city and on the highway are both combined with the backroad rapid driving added with the overcrowded freeway travel that is uneven; this can be seen in a 250-mile time with the latest GTR Premium. From what has been summed up above, it can simply be concluded that the 2015 Nissan GTR gas mileage is actually excellent.

Styling and Performance

Nissan GTR Gas Mileage and Specification

For the interior, the 2015 GTR has controls that will be user-friendly that are combined with the cockpit in driver oriented. The long doors and high seating position will be another plus point for this car. This is a vehicle that is perfect for road trip no matter with friends or family. The supercar-standard trunk room and rear seats that might be more suitable for young kids are amazing as well. Although it is still wondered about the all-wheel drive system that is mentioned to be sophisticated, it seems to be one of the things favored from the new GTR designs as it gives the handling a great effect. Some people will experience how this car will be advantageous for them as it is easily driven, added with the fact of the great Nissan GTR gas mileage.

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