2010 Koenigsegg CCX review, impressive historic supercar

2010 Koenigsegg CCX orange color

First appearance of Koenigsegg CCX is at Geneva auto show in 2006 and from that moment, the Company decided to continue to produce this Competition Coupe X as one of the most expensive car in the world and 2010 Koenigsegg CCX included in this category. CCX itself is a mid-engined sport car which produced by … Read more

2014 Chevrolet corvette stingray review & pictures

2014 Chevrolet corvette stingray red color pictures

Let’s talk about one of the best luxury cars in America, 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray review about each specification, prices, designs, and its powerful engine. As a sport car, the maker is debuted the Stingray as seventh generation of Chevrolet sport car. It receives many awards and one of them as 2014 car of the … Read more