Subaru Outback vs Forester, one brand comparison

Subaru Outback vs Forester – We have known Subaru as manufacturer of some of the most strong and practical vehicle in the field. They have many selections of sedans, crossovers, and hatchbacks to choose from. But which one of Subaru Outback vs. Forester that is the best option that we could use? Now let us compare the two vehicles here.

Subaru Outback vs. Forester Comfort and Cargo space

Subaru Outback vs Subaru Forester

For the design, Forester is designed with similar design as Impreza which makes it more on the practical use rather than comfort even though it is still OK to use. But the Outback on the other hand offers high quality material which makes it more comfortable to be use especially since they also give a lot of rooms for legs and head area. The Forester gives 74.7 cubic ft of cargo while the Outback offers a little bit less at 73.3 cubic ft of cargo.

Safety Forester vs. Outback 2017

In the safety area, IIHS gives Subaru Forester top score on Safety Pick and rating, while the NHTSA also give it 5star overall rating. It get 5stars for the side crash testing, but they only get 4stars for the rollover testing and the frontal crash test from NHTSA. The NHTSA also gives Outback 5star overall rating, it get 5stars for the side crash testing and the frontal crash test, but they only get 4stars for the rollover testing.

Performance, Style, and Pricing Subaru Outback vs. Forester

For the performance, Forester base trim will give you 170Hp for their 2.5liter 4cylinder engine which would be suitable if you only take them around the town area. For the Outback base trim they have slightly higher performance with 175Hp for their 2.5liter 4cylinder engine and they will also give you smoother experience which makes it great for driving around.

In Fuel efficiency area Outback’s 2.5liter 4cylinder engine gives you 25 mpg city, 32mpg highway and 28mpg combined. While the Forester’s 2.5liter engine gives you 24 mpg city, 31mpg highway and 27mpg combined a little lower than the Outback one.

If you want more modern vehicle then the Forester would be your choice since it is designed as compact SUV while the Outback is the wagon which comes out as more traditional one.

But for the price, Outback is offered in higher price which is $25,645 for the basic 2.5i one while the Forester is offered in $22,395 for the 2.5i one so you should really decide Subaru Outback vs. Forester result carefully.

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