2018 Ford Taurus SHO Redesign, Specs and Release Date

2018 Ford Taurus SHO Redesign, Specs and Release Date

2018 Ford Taurus SHO redesign, specs and release date have been surrounded by countless of rumor. Plenty of its fans are anticipated the official release date of this vehicle. So far, the automaker teases their fans with the specification of the car. It promises great specification that will surpass other cars from their competitors. Taurus lineup … Read more

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint review, price, specs, 0-60 mph

2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint orange car HD wallpaper 1080p

The 2016 Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint review, price, specs, 0-60 mph might not be lightning the news on fire, but you sure do not want to ignore this mighty car made by Ford Australia. This new version comes with super high performance engine and a handsome body too. But probably because it is made from … Read more

2017 Ford Atlas Price, Review & Release Date

white color Ford atlas hd wallpaper review release date and price

This is an article with 2017 Ford Atlas review & release date information, so if you are a fan of the Ford Atlas brand then you need to read through this. In case there are people who do not know, the Ford Atlas brand is one of the most well known pick-up truck brand in … Read more

2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 Specs Review

2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 red color Specs Review

If you are curious about the new 2017 Chevrolet Corvette Zora ZR1 specs then you come to the right place, here you will be able to find the new information regarding what this new car. The Zora Zr1 is the most expensive trim level on the Corvette line and it is because it got the … Read more

2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 Acceleration 0-60 Information

fast 2017 Corvette Zora ZR1 acceleration 0-60 second

Do you know how fast the 2017 corvette Zora ZR1 acceleration 0-60 mph can be? This new ultimate Corvette is said to be more performance oriented than the current Zora ZR1 that is available right now, seeing that the current Zora ZR1 is a rare kind of car with 707 horsepower, it is astonishing to … Read more

Mazda SUV CX 7 Review and Gas Mileage for 2017 Version

2017 Mazda CX 7 Exterior

This is the Mazda SUV CX 7 review & gas mileage information for those of you who are also surprised hearing that Mazda is going to revive the CX 7 brand. The Mazda CX 7 was discontinued a few years back after just one generation. The reason is very simple, and the car is not … Read more

2017 Corvette ZR1 Change: the New Zora Full Review

Zora 2017 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 red super car picture

This is a sport car that you already waiting for and it is said that the new Corvette ZR1 will be delivers some changes. In 1955, a Belgian engineer namely Zora Arkus Duntov created a V8 engine for America‚Äôs sport car after he joined into Corvette team. The engineer is always creates some excellent ways … Read more

2017 Lincoln MKX Price, Features, and Review

2017 Lincoln MKX exterior concept

Here are the 2017 Lincoln MKX price, features you may really want to know. From the slight glance, it can be seen that this crossover has improved the design and looks as luxurious as we want it to be. More detailed descriptions will be explained here, this might be your long lost ideal model! The … Read more

2017 Chevy Blazer K-5 Review and Price Information

2017 Chevy Blazer K5 Redesign Changes Concept review

Chevrolet never fails to amaze us with its innovation, no wonder people welcome the 2017 Chevy Blazer K-5 warmly. This article will elaborate 2017 Chevy Blazer K-5 review and price as well as its overall design. For many SUV lovers out there, this model may fulfill your preference completely. 2017 Chevy Blazer K-5 Exterior with … Read more

2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign and Engine with Awesome Capabilities

2017 Ford Super Duty Redesign

2017 Ford Super Duty redesign and engine will be great and this is the right vehicle for you who are working with trucks. Ford does not only produce SUVs, but they also have trucks. To load stuffs, you may need a strong vehicle that you can rely on. It may not only be about how … Read more