The 2016 Ford Atlas Price and Design Review

This will give you all the basic information regarding the 2016 Ford Atlas price and design along with its known features, equipment and performances. This car is a type of SUV truck and the Ford Atlas line is already known worldwide as one of the best SUV truck franchise out there, so a lot of people waiting for this new product.

2016 Ford Atlas Price and Design Information

2016 Ford Atlas white front view

2016 Ford Atlas Exterior and Interior Design

2016 Ford Atlas exterior is one of its most notable features; it gives you futuristic feels due to its metallic accent. The material used for the exterior is however will be different than its predecessor. This new version of Ford Atlas will be utilizing aluminum based material; this will make the 2016 version lighter when compared to the past version. There is also a big grille in the front side of the car with a Ford logo in the middle; the thin and uniquely shaped head lamps are also a shout for its exterior design, along with its LED based tail lights.

2016 Ford Atlas Price and Design

For the interior, 2016 Ford Atlas will be a lot different compared to its predecessor, that is because the material used; it will be different depending on the trim levels that you are choosing for. The placement for the interior features are also changed a little bit, with a touch-screen capable display screen on the middle of the dashboards; depending on the trim levels, you can either get a 4.2 inch one or 8 inch one, this screen is mostly used for its 360 degree camera as one of this car safety measures. The basics features like cruise control, lane keeping and blind spot are also available.

2016 Ford Atlas Interior 2016 Ford Atlas driver seat

2016 Ford Atlas Performance

2016 Ford Atlas engine depends on the trim levels that you picked, there are four different types of engine; 3.5l V6 engine with 380 horsepower, 2.7l ecoboost V6 engine with 325 horsepower, 3.5l ecoboost engine and an eight cylinders engine with 5.0l capacity. All of those are supported with the same kind of transmission system, a six type automatic transmission system with six different type of speed for more versatility.

2016 Ford Atlas Rival

2016 Ford Atlas exterior

As for the closest competitor, it’s probably going to be the new Toyota Tacoma. This new product from Toyota is going to be available on fall 2015 and as for the pricing; it will not be too different from last year’s pricing range. This Toyota Tacoma is also a middle size SIV truck with five different trims available, this car is made to be able to cross every terrain types easily. As for the engine, this car is using 2.7l four cylinders engine and for different trim levels, the engine will be a six cylinders engine with 3.5 liter, the transmission system is a six speed transmission system which is handled manually.


2016 Ford Atlas cool picture

2016 Ford Atlas release date is going to be late 2015 or early 2016 in some countries; the price of this car is probably ranging from $26,000 to $ 50,000 depending on the trim levels that you choose. That is all the currently known information regarding 2016 Ford Atlas price and design, we will add more as more information is known.

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