The More-Improved 2015 BMW 3 Series Price and Review

2015 BMW 3 Series price and review

BMW will always slay with everything it offers and here it is the 2015 BMW 3 Series price and review that can be looked at so you can know better about the product that you are going to buy. Although the 2015 models won’t offer convertibles and coupes and the different lineup is presented, the charms are still there coming with some more improvement.

Well-Designed 2015 BMW 3 Series Price and Review

The Exterior and Interior Styling

There is no enough words to use for describing the new BMW 3 Series because you can say that it has a daring look, but its sporty side, elegant style, classy profile, and clean visual still remains and even more amazing. For the outside, the current BMW-family front is actually worn by this 3 Series along with conservative-yet-handsome back. The wide kidney grille’s corners are also surrounded by the headlights curve making the appearance more aggressive and much wider.

For the 2015 BMW 3 Series interior, the thing that is appreciated most is its interior without nostalgic or retro style in which the space can also be maximized by the instrument panel that is horizontally-oriented. While a coherence that has no existence from the last-generation 3 Series is provided by the overall interior layout. Moreover, the dash design is also made trendier with the widescreen display that looks like tablet and comes in a slim size. While for the dashboard’s face, you will find the appliqués that may be understated but it is actually planted with the high-tech look with wood or aluminum brushed for the finishes so that the luxury statement can be made. Every color is allowed to be tried along with the trim combination before you make a decision to purchase because several will be pretty visually hectic.

2015 BMW 3 Series interior

The Powertrain and Performances

2015 BMW 3 Series performance is supported by the four and six cylinders of engine. For the ones offered in lower prices, there are 328i and 320i that are powered by a four-cylinder engine with 2.0 liters of gas; the torque produced by the 328i is 260 pound-feet along with 240 horses, while the 320i can generate up to 200 pound feet for its torque and 180 horses. While for the 335i is powered by turbo six engine so that the torque generated can be up to 300 lb-ft and the horsepower will also be 300. The Sports Wagon and sedan models, BMW offers four-cylinder diesel that can produce up to 181 horses. The EPA rating for the 335i and 328i is good enough because 34 miles per gallon highway and 23 miles per gallon city can be reached even the gasoline engine can be shut off when coasting at up to 100 MPH.

2015 BMW 3 engine powertrain and Performances

The Pros, Cons, and Price

The car may be offered with the automatic stop-start system that is a bit intrusive, the typical hybrid efficient may also be lacked, and the busy-looking interior trims may also be a bit annoying. However, the cabin ambiance is simply nice and elegant, the powertrains are also made efficient and powerful, the poise and handling are awesome. So, it won’t be a big deal if you spend $32,950 for this car. This 2015 BMW 3 Series price and review is hopefully helpful enough for you to make a decision.

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