The New 2015 Ford Everest Review and Price

This 2015 Ford Everest review and price information will give you the all you need to know about this new car. 2015 Ford Everest will be available in select countries only; mostly Asia region and will not be available in the United States or Europe. 2015 Ford Everest is a family SUV which is in the top of its class.

2015 Ford Everest Review and Price Information

2015 Ford Everest Review and Price

2015 Ford Everest General Information

There are going to be three different levels of trims available, each with its own features and prices. The basic model of Ford Everest is priced $55.000, Ford Everest Trend is priced for $61.000 and the most expensive trim level is going to be the Ford Everest Titanium which will be priced for about $77.000. For the side options, with $1000 you can get the tow bar, $600 for satellite navigation and $500 if you want prestige paint.

2015 Ford Everest Design

2015 Ford Everest exterior design looks very muscular and strong, especially because the big and menacing grille in front of it. There is a classy Ford logo in front of the grille with stylish headlights on both sides. On the back, there is an electric powered tailgate which you lift up to open,

The interior is very spacious; the materials used are also top class. The Dashboard design looks very futuristic and the placement is perfect, in the middle of it, there is going to be touch based 8 inch touch screen; unfortunately the basic model lack this features. There will be 7 passenger seats available, the first and second row of the seats can be removed for more cargo space.

2015 Ford Everest interior design


2015 Ford Everest interior seat

2015 Ford Everest Performance

Under the hood, 2015 Ford Everest engine is going to be 3.2l engine with five-cylinder with 8.5l per 100 km fuel efficiency, the power for the engine is 143 kW with 479 nM of torque or 191 horsepower and 353 pound feet of torque. They are using the similar transmission speed system as the new Ford Ranger, which is a six speed transmission system with sport shift; automatic and no manual version available.

2015 Ford Everest engine

2015 Ford Everest competitor

For the Asian market, the competitor for this SUV is going to be Toyota Prado, but a new dark horse is coming and it is called the Isuzu MU-X. This new Isuzu product is available in 2 different trims, with $40,500 as the standard and $53,500 as the LS-M model; it is cheaper than 2015 Ford Everest. The engine used for this car is 3l turbocharged engine with four cylinders plus 5 speed transmission system; with automatic transmission system as the only option. Compared to 2015 Ford Everest, the power of this engine is slightly weaker, but this car also has 7 passenger seats which can be flipped to gives more rooms for the cargo. The front grille of this car looks pretty similar to Ford Everest; along with an Isuzu logo in the middle of the grille.


2015 Ford Everest release date is probably late 2015, there is not much info regarding the exact date though. As you can see from this 2015 Ford Everest review and price information, this car is probably more expensive compared to its competitor, but the interior features are top notch and it will be one of the top contender for the best SUV in Asian market.

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