The New 2016 Lincoln MKX Interior, Specs, Review and Price

The 2016 Lincoln MKX interior, specs, review and price details information can be got here if you are interested in MKX luxury crossover. Apparently, this car compete other top vehicles, like BMW X5, Acura RDX, and Lexus RX which are included in the heavyweights. With some changes happen, this second-generation MKX will present many good features, especially when it comes to its interior.

2016 Lincoln MKX Interior, Specs, Review and Price Considerations

2016 Lincoln MKX review price release date

The Interior Styling

If the new feature for the exterior is available, like the full-LED headlamps with the reflectors so that more width can be added to the low-beam pattern at 35 MPH of speed, the interior won’t lose because there is an interface that is equipped in the new MKX with the push-button array existing to replace the shift lever even if you may find that the MKX is designed a bit lower and the center console and the instrument panel are even bridged by the span-built in. The four Black Label design themes are also offered for creating the more distinctive trim and interior themes. The Indulgence, Modern Heritage, one with the impact from the thoroughbred horse racing, and the one adapted from the 1920s Paris’ art scene, lifestyle and fashion are included in the themes.

The New 2016 Lincoln MKX interior and steer

2016 Lincoln MKX interior seat

2016 Lincoln MKX interior area

Talking about the 2016 Lincoln MKX interior, the seats that are available are still five in three rows, but no worries because there are still much space to use, especially for the legroom and for your stuff. There are also 22-way power front seats that are added with an active motion feature for some versions so that when the passengers have a long trip, they won’t feel fatigue. The thigh bolsters are also provided by Lincoln for the new MKX in the front seats so that the exit and entry can be much easier.

The Specs and Performance

2016 Lincoln MKX engine powertrain

2016 Lincoln MKX powertrain is offered with more options by the 2016 Lincoln MKX if compared to the previous models. There is a trin-turbo V6 engine EcoBoost with 2.7 liters of gas that are equipped to power the car and make it able to produce up to 370 lb-ft for the torque and 330 horses, but the base engine still has its V6 engine with 3.7 liters of gas generating up to 280 pound-feet for its torque and 300 horses only. Also, the automatic transmission with six speeds are also gifted and similar to the previous model, there is an option between the all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.

The Pros, Cons and Price

The New 2016 Lincoln MKX exterior black color hd wallpaper

Although it seems like the new MKX does not likely to provide V8 engine in its options and hybrid model for filling the lineup, The powertrain options may be one of the good things that you can consider. Although the push-button shifter is still gimmicky, the instrument panel is really different and stylishly-designed. The exterior is also made new with its curvy style; the tech features are also updated very well. The last thing that will make you attracted more to this car is its price set starting at $38,100 which is not too pricey. Expectantly, 2016 Lincoln MKX interior, specs, review and price information here can be a good reference for you.

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